a flagpole

Flagpoles are a common object that can be found in many areas of the world.


Size and Height

They can vary in size and height, but they serve one main purpose and that is to fly flags. These poles often hold the flags of nations, provinces or cities. Location of Flagpole-flagpoles are most commonly found in areas where many people congregate, such as outside of stores or schools.


Extreme Climates

Safety of Flagpole-flagpoles must be designed in mind and take into account the safety off all those who stand under it and use it. This is especially true with flagpoles that are outside due to weather conditions and extreme climates. They typically follow the rule of 'the more mass, the more secure'.


Different Colors

Color of Flagpole-different colors may be chosen if a flagpole is to be displayed with flags that match the same colors as the flagpoles. If a color is chosen then it should not clash with other flag poles around it and have a viewable effect on those viewing it.

Design And Location

Design of Flagpole A design can differ greatly depending on where the flagpole is located and how many people will be using it at one time. This is important because if many people are using the flagpole at one time it must be sturdy enough to hold up against wind, rain or snow. . Size of Flagpole-flagpoles can vary in size but designers tend to follow a specific guideline when designing their flagpoles The pole is also used for flags used as a signal, as a marker of a territorial boundary, or as military/naval ensigns. Flagpoles are usually located on tall buildings or poles. Design of Flagpole-flagpoles are typically made from wood, metal or plastic. Learn more about  søyler

Naval Ensigns

Military and Naval Ensigns are based on the flags of national states. Military flagpoles hold army flags, while naval flagpoles hold navy flags. The flags are basically the same but are dependent on what country they belong to.

Flag of the Army

The military flag (flag of the army) is designed in the same way as other army flags. In the case of the United Kingdom, it is called “the Union Jack” or “the Union Flag”. It is used by all autonomous territories under British sovereignty. The design is based on the so-called “army ensign”, which was used for warships until 1864. The flag of the British Merchant Navy ships consists of a red St George cross on white background. This flag was originally created for civilian use in association with military flags. Decoration-when designing a flagpole it is important to consider how many decorations will be added to it. For more detail about flaggstang.

universal design

The flagpole is a universal design element which is used in both the military and the civilian sector. This object serves as a beacon for those who wish to fly a flag, and it can range from serving as a simple flagpole holder to being one of the major focal points of an entire land area. If well designed, a flagpole can be used in many ways and fulfill many purposes.