Flagpoles can be seen in many places, but the most famous flagpole is the one out front of the White House.


Specific Height

Flagpoles are made to fly a flag or pennant at a specific height above ground level, and they can vary in size according to their intended use. They have also been used as identifiers for a property and as markers for prominent landmarks.


Trestle flagpoles

This is a pole set on end, with no connection to the ground below. It can also be used as a support for a sign, light, or other structure. This pole type is used for high-profile purposes because it is very eye-catching and visible from a great distance.


Gable flagpoles

They are made of wood or metal, and wrapped around with an insulated cloth for insulation (and heat retention). In warmer climates, there are gable flagpoles made of fiberglass or plastic that can keep the flag at an appropriate temperature for extended periods of time without major deterioration.

Parade flagpoles

Parade flagpoles are used when there are special events occurring. The flags on these poles are made of a light, and easily portable material such as cloth or plastic. These poles usually have their solid base made of concrete, or they can be placed in sand or gravel to keep them upright without additional support. The top shaft is made of wood or steel and is often a decorative piece as well as functional to hold the flag. Carriage flagpoles are used when the flag is being transported from one place to another. They are usually made of wood, and have a hinged top that can swing open to easily slide in or out the flag.

Naval Ensigns

Military and Naval Ensigns are based on the flags of national states. Military flagpoles hold army flags, while naval flagpoles hold navy flags. The flags are basically the same but are dependent on what country they belong to.

Monumental Flagpoles

Monumental flagpoles are usually seen as part of a war memorial or commemorative event, often with a plaque at their base where information about the event honored by the pole may be reduced. These types of flagpoles are used in stores, factories and other buildings where a flag needs to be flown on a daily basis. They are made of a strong material such as metal, and go up with the push of a button, or down with the pull of another. Grandstand flagpoles are used when there are a lot of spectators who need to see the event, and the flags being raised at the start of an event. These poles are designed to be a certain height so that the majority of individuals can see over people around them. These poles for flying a flag are most often seen in factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. While we may not think about it on a day-to-day basis, these flags are used to mark buildings or important fences out in front that keep us safe from hazardous materials or equipment.

Monopole flagpoles

This is an all-metal pole that can be seen in front of some businesses and other buildings. The top of the pole is usually made of a decorative piece, and the flag can usually be easily removed with a pulley system on top of the pole.

Flagpoles provide a lot of important functionality for our world. They are more than just a way to decorate something; they provide us with a way to visually communicate data, and to recognize and honor those who have contributed responsibility for this vast territory we all live in.